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Reasons to be cheerful

I just read this article in “Psychologies” and it was very interesting and lovely. Put it here to remind myself too.

“…I gave up making resolutions long ago because I became sick and tired of finding yet more ways to punish myself. OK, hands up. Who doesn’t punish themselves? It’s an art form at which women are particularly skilled.  So I’ve decided to
work towards goals rather than make resolutions. This year the goal is to turn myself upside-down. Note the word ‘towards’. It’s progress I’m after, not perfection. Perfection is just another form of punishment.

We have to train our minds to think in another way. So I started to add to the list, finding reasons
to be grateful without turning into the sort of Pollyanna who makes you bite your knuckles in order not to slap her. It’s not a new idea. All spiritual or religious beliefs are based on counting our blessings rather than dwelling on our misfortunes.

Even positive psychologists have put gratitude at the top of the list of qualities we need to practice in order to keep ourselves in good emotional health – writing a nightly list is guaranteed to chase away the blues faster than almost anything
else. There is a catch. You have to write it down rather than just think it.
There’s something in the connection of brain to hand that inscribes good
thoughts on the mind. So that’s my goal – a little leather-bound notebook on my bedside table. Sky blue, I think.”


PS, As I am in love with this magazine, I just treated myself and subscribed to 12 issue of that. Hoora...


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