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I've seen this short report or better say communication in today Lancet about "Inspiring young scientists: a Nobel cause" and I found this section interesting “In one session, a young female scientist asked a laureate panel how best to balance a research career and family life.
The (all male) panel acknowledged that this was a difficult problem, especially for women and, they conceded, that there was no easy solution. With more women in science the answers should become clearer."
This is a real major questions and difficulty for all women. But then later on, I read a very good advice:
"We all make sacrifices to get what we want. Most top professional women (can apply to highly successful women in academia, industry, etc) do not sleep eight hours. Many of them work on weekends. These are choices they make in order to have what they want. Think about where you want to be in 10 or 20 years and what it will take to get there. What choices and sacrifices will you need to make today to achieve your goals tomorrow?"


**Refer to name of a book byChristine Brown-Quinn that I just purchased recently


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