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It would be nice to write list of memorable smells to remind you in the future if  your taste does change. Here are the list of my favourite smells:

In the top place since I was a kid, I loved the smell of my mum & her perfume and even now, I love to open her closet and smell her cloths. In the second place, I love the smelll of my Baran. I love her smell and just love to sleep next to her and smell her.

Then I love the smell of rain and sea. I love the smell of Mashad in early mornings and love the smell of earth after rain.

What else, ..I love the smell of a lovely made mocha with lots of cinnamon in top of that.

I love the smell of baking.

I love the fresh the smell of pines in a snowy day.  I love smell of narcissus and lilics.

Ok, I can't remember anything more. Should complete it later !!!


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