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1- Can you find truer than this horoscope for me today:  

“Some boring paperwork regarding money, which you may have been putting off, might need to be executed today. Bills may need to be paid, deposits to go into the bank, new accounts to be opened. You could spend some time formulating new plans for the future. This probably will take up a lot of your time, but there will still be enough for you to go shopping and make a few necessary purchases. Enjoy!"

It seems I started today from back to front. So far I just did shopping, now go back to writing if you call it "formulating new plans for the future" , and then at night when I am at home I need to pay the bills online.

Added later: All the bills were paid. But it makes you crazy that all your salaries are going for nursery fees, council tax, mortgage, pension, and university fee and general house costs like insurance, utility, petrol, mobile and telephone, and grocery. Nothing remains to save even with quite good salary that we both have together !! And everything is going to be more expensive in the new year. It's quite difficult. Do you feel the same or is it just us with too much spending and low earning? 

Added the day after: And this is my today horoscope: "  Doubts about your financial security might be on your mind. They're probably misplaced, as you should continue to do well. However, your doubts can serve a purpose in that they could inspire you to take steps to ensure that your situation continues. Go to it! " 

I hope this is true. To make it true it said in it that "If you've been thinking about starting a garden, this is a great day to do it, as anything relating to the land begun today is likely to thrive." I planted the rest of my plants that I recieved them a month ago. When I was planting them, I noticed all my narcusis, daffodils and hyacinths are growing very fast and ready to be flowered. I feel it's near spring !!!! 


2- You know how my boss is checking me when I am due to be in christmas holiday like everyone else in the country and he wants me to work or say formulating new plans for the future. He emails like this:


I hope you had a quiet break and Baran was well.

The grant is starting to take shape.
Well done so far.

Sent from my iPhone"
Therefore I am at work and iam the only person in the whole building. But no complain. I know it's in my best interest.  Happy Holidays!
Added later: To be fair the boss was working too as well today !
3- We had a few friends for dinner the other night and it was an enjoyable evening. You can't imagine how much my little angel made entertainment. At the end of the night, she asked everyone to sit in the floor and excercise yoga and meditate. I'll write more about this later !

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