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متن هایی برای هیچ

Look at my horoscope today : "Start your day by taking a few minutes to write in a journal, mitra. This activity provides an avenue for you to communicate and to connect with your inner being. Things you need to do, ambitions, and challenges can speak out while you're writing, providing a map of directions that need to be taken. Even if starting is difficult, stick with it. The words will come if you give it a chance, and it can make your day so much easier. "   It looks right , I've just started writing some drafts for couple of papers and today I should finish them and give to my supervisior . I feel inconfidence about my writing and I wish my supervisior will like them , I should do some more changes now .

By the way, today is Eid El-Fitr and we have a lovely sunny but chilly autumn day . Eid Mubarak !!!!!

(My dearest Mum likes  an unfamous singer  , I found that clip today , I put it here to show to my mum when I'll be with her . )



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