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متن هایی برای هیچ

گر چه یاران فارغند از یاد من
از من ایشان را هزاران یاد باد
مبتلا گشتم در این بند و بلا
کوشش آن حق گذاران یاد باد....

Now the days are very short and the sun rises very late and I find it very difficult to wake up in the morning . I think from next week , the time will be changed to the British winter time and hopefully , it will help in the morning !!

I bought recently this book"Next to You" by Gloria Hunniford . This is the story of one woman. But it's not just one woman's story. It’s about family. And it's a story that could belong to any one of us at any time.  It's very emotional , but  it's a beautiful too. I finished it on Monday and yesterday  , there was a evening show on TV which interviewed with Gloria about her charity about Breast cancer as this month, October is the month of Breast cancer in the UK. 

Last night there was two TV programme in BBC1, 2 about Iran .It looks that western media start their new attack to Iran .

Any more news ...?? Here is very dark now , so cloudy and rainy , winter is here !!



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