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متن هایی برای هیچ

بس بگردید و بگردد روزگار                 دل به دنیا در نبندد هوشیار
ای‌که دستت می‌رسد کاری بکن       پیش از آن کز تو نیاید هیچ کار ...

این هم آهنگ امروز ..

هر که   دلارام دید  از دلش آرام رفت

چشم ندارد خلاص هر که در این دام رفت

یاد تو میرفت و ما عاشق و بیدل بدیم

پرده برانداختی کار به اتمام رفت

ما قدم از سر کنیم در طلب دوستان

راه به جایی نبرد هر که به اقدام رفت

همت سعدی به عشق میل نکردی ولی

می چو فروشد به کام عقل به ناکام رفت




Now is rainy here  and a little cold . Yesterday was sunny and amazingly warm ( 29

degree) which is very unusual for september .

A nice story : A couple of days ago my supervisior called me and he asked if I can do some tests for one of his friends and of course  I said yes .

The next day , that gentleman arrived before my supervisior and we started talking about his problem , I found that he is a medical doctor too  but I didn't feel to ask exactly , then my supervisior arrived but he left soon . Then I went to another room with  him and I felt that the nurse in our ward knew him as she behaved respectfully .

Anyway , I finished my examination that day and we arranged for another day to do some more tests , by the mean time after his leaving I checked his name in internet  and I found he is a professor in Rhematology and a famous consultant in our hospital (  (  ) , but he was so hambling and down to earth , Anyway ,  he came back today again and then he asked where I am from , and when I said from Iran ,and then he asked about the city and when he found I am from Mashad , he said : " The city with famous rugs and carpets"  !!!!  and then he said what happened to you after Shah , is it safe to travel there ? I love to see your old Empire !!!!! 


  and the classes started , but my teaching programmes starts from Monday , Saturday is first of Mehr and the first day of schools in Iran and we are  going back to work too , actually this year will be the third year that I'm teaching the sme module , therfore I feel more confidence but still I need to study before that . Students already came back


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