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باز باران با ترانه ٬می خورد بر بام خانه...

 The time changed  to winter-time today and  Winter is here now.The sky is so cloudy,dark & gray and is raining. Outside seems very cold and I love it. We woke up earlythis morning and then hubby jan went to work and after a breakfast ,now is just a quarter past eight and I'm going to finish another paper today. I feel very energitic and happy. I love these rainy days !!

Now, back to writing. Writing a thesis based on papers is like making a movie.It takes ages to make.Even short sequences require days of planning.And lots of people must work hard to create a perfect set of papers. In contrast, the traditional way of presenting a thesis , is easy to write.A few well-written chapters and that's it. But never mind, I came half of the road and I should finish it. And I'm going to finish another section today, enshallah.



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