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واژه ها کمتر از اندیشه اند ٬ و اندیشه کمتر از تجربه - افلاطون

I came to my old office today, and I was searching for some letters from past , then I found a couple of my old diaries back to 2002 there, I started to read some of my old notes and they were intersting , actually more thoughtful than now. I put some of them here :

This was written in the page for Sunday 27th June 2004, I can't remember who was the author,but it is nice: "Genuine democracy comes out of changing mindsets, and fighting ideologies that are totalitarian. The best way to do that is through culture, and also through exposing people to different cultures. " 

روشن تر از خاموشی چراغی ندیدم و سخنی به از بی سخنی نشنیدم.- بایزید بسطامی

"دو چیز طیره عقل است، دم فرو بستن به وقت گفتن  گفتن به وقت خاموشی! "- سعدی

شکر خدا که هرچه طلب کردم از خدای خویش   بر منتهای همت خویش کامروا شدم.


هیچیم و چیزی کم

ما نیستیم از اهل این عالم که می بیند

وزاهل عالمهای دیگر هم

پس زنده باشد مثل شادی٬ غم

ما دوستدار  سایه های تیره هم هستیم

و مثل عاشق ٬ مثل پروانه

اهل نماز شعله و شبنم


هیچیم و چیزی کم" -مهدی اخوان ثالث

3 June 2003: " Everything in the universe is within you.Ask all from yourself"-Rumi

1 June 2003: "There is someone who looks after us,from behind the curtain, In truth ,we are not here,this is our shadow."

And in page 5th October 2003,I wrote: " Old memories welling up from the past today could trigger a desire to get in touch with old friends whom I haven't seen for a long time. Some of these recollections could be bittersweet,bringing pain experience in the past to the surface once more.I try to don't hang on these ancient grieves.I might experienced a deep seeded relief , and could even feel a littlr lightheaded....."

و بالاخره در صفحه ای دیگر نوشتم:

الهی هرچه شایانست آن کن  نمی گویم چنین کن یا چنان کن

چه داند بنده ز اسرار خدایی خدا را هرچه می زیبد همان کن


پيام هاي ديگران()     link     دوشنبه ٧ اسفند ۱۳۸٥ - Passenger