...Seriously interesting

Listen to this programme. It's seriously intersting !

Personally after many years in this island and proudly being British (!!), still I don't understand Britons ! In each meeting I listen hardly and try to understand the true meanings of conversations and the same for emails! But according to this programme, it seems even Americans and Austrilians have the same feeling and problem when they move to United Kingdom ! Seriously   "The British are too polite to be honest, whereas the Germans are too honest to be polite!"  and still I prefer to communicate in a direct way and be honest ! Maybe in the shortterm, you seem bossy or it hurts but prefer to hear the truth rather than lie ... But  we should be careful, otherwise we finish with more dislikes, as Britons don't like to speak openly but honestly who cares!!!  

It is intersting to learn also the meaning of "Irony" and "Sense of Humor" and " British Jokes" which I hardly find them funny! I always have trouble with these words ! In my dictionary "Sense of Humor" means being funny and not serious and you can't trust the outcome of a task in someone with "Great sense of Humor !!" and it seems Germans are agree too and it is not just my seriousness!  

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